The New, Cutting Edge, Non-Invasive and Safe

Direct Functional Brain Network Imaging

The Problem

 Modern medicine lacks the ability to successfully cope with brain disorders, yet 35% of all disease burden is attributed to brain disorders. The main problem remains late and subjective diagnosis arising from the lack of efficient clinical brain visualization and insight. Amazingly, in most cases diagnosis of brain disorders is performed by subjective behavioral/cognitive tests or physician assessment. Existing advanced technologies such as MRI, CT and PET-CT, while providing a structural and indirect functional imaging, are insufficiently equipped to detect most functional brain disorder related changes or detect these changes at a very late stage.  

The Understanding

Establishing a technology which enables non-invasive, direct and objective imaging of brain functionality provides the breakthrough required for successful diagnosis of brain disorders, enabling early prevention of brain degeneration in many cases.




DELPhI stands for Direct Electro-Physiological Imaging, a direct functional brain imaging technology. It fundamentally revolutionizes the way health providers understand the brain and evaluate brain disorders. Providing physicians with insight into human brain function. Ultimately enabling early, precise and objective evaluation of brain functional status resulting in an optimal and personalized fitted treatment.